English Horn Reeds

English Horn Reeds, Handmade English Horn Reeds

Handmade Professional English Horn Reeds

Our handmade English Horn reeds are the newest addition to our Magic Reed product line.  This addition was made possible when we purchased a Monnig 180D horn.  It is a pleasure to play and reed making is fun.   They are structured for a big and bold tone and have more resistance than is typical for our oboe reeds.  They are designed with the professional in mind, but are accessible to advanced students who are able to manage the structure.  We offer standard professional and custom professional models with choice of cane, shape and staple.  All English horn reeds are made on a Monnig 180D with a Laubin #2 bocal.

English Horn Blanks And Profiled Reeds

Many players for which EH is not a primary instrument, appreciate the head start that blanks and profiled reeds can offer.  We offer a choice of cane and staple.  There is a five reed minimum for this offer.

English Horn Tube Cane

We have a wonderful inventory of English Horn Tube Cane in 11.5-12 and 12-12.5 diameters.  It is medium in strength, and produces sensational reeds.  Inventory is limited.