Custom Oboe Reeds

Specialized Services For Your Most Important Events

  • Magic Reed Custom Oboe Reeds are designed for professional and pre-professionals with certain preferences in tone, response, pitch and aperture size.  We test each of these functions based on how Kathy personally addresses the reed on her Howarth XL oboe.   We will use our best judgement to apply your input to the materials we use and the way we finish the reed. The variables we have to work with include cane diameter, hardness, gouge, shape, staple, length of reed, scrape. Our Shop checkout provides us with a record of the specifics of these orders, If you are unsure how to build your reed, contact us to discuss your needs and get a prescription for your first order.  Thereafter, you will have an opportunity to modify your input based on your own experience with our reeds.  
  • These reeds are built from scratch on Chiarugi #2 premium staples (47mm or 46mm) and offered in bundles of 5 or more.
  • Choices include:
    • Magic Reed Original Strength, Light,  beefy
    • 440 pitch, 440 +, 440- (contact us directly)
    • Magic Reed Regular aperture, a+, a- (contact us directly)
    • Magic Reed Original Tone, Brighter, Darker
    • Finishing on your choice of a Loree of Howarth oboe
  • Leave the rest to us.