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oboe cane

Oboe Cane Collection

Curated Oboe Cane For Best Reed Making Outcomes

My oboe cane collection is curated for best outcomes. My search, test, invest strategy has yielded a long term inventory of 4 spectacular harvests, each purchased at their peak. Great cane makes great reeds possible, and having this cane is critical for the success of my core reed making business. 

As a prudent business owner, I am cautious about the quality of future harvests as well as access to bulk quantities of the tube cane I want. This is why I continue to purchase investment worthy cane, even though I have more than enough for what I need. When I do so, I am able to rebalance my inventory and add some options to the product category.

I freely allocated inventory to segments, gouged and shaped product. All are hand sorted & precision processed in-house for optimum outcomes. I make shopping easier by presenting offers by both processing level and brand. Medium to hard options in mostly 10.5-11 diameters. Cane thickness/density is transparent. Extra in-house aging by design, because great cane gets even better over time. Tube cane is sold in moderation now, but I encourage buyers to check back because I add to those offers on a periodic basis, and it sells out quickly. Professionals are welcome to contact me directly to discuss urgent cane needs, and I will help whenever possible.

Note: Not every cane platform is the same. High volume stores need to secure their inventory by placing standing orders with suppliers well in advance of the harvests that are ready for sale. Suppliers do the same with their growers. Cane comes in untested, and all too often a disappointment. If lucky, there are one or two jewels to be found. This is why I don't place pre-orders, and why I usually buy one recommended and pre-tested brand at a time. I don't keep, nor do I sell bad cane. I  dispose of cane that is incapable of achieving the results I seek. Results count, and my time is precious.  This is equally true for you, I am sure.  It is not about having cane in stock- it is about having the right cane in stock.

Since I keep long term inventories of cane, and I endorse all of the cane I sell, I sell them under regional, rather than brand labels.

Consult our Oboe Cane Buying Guide to learn more about my oboe cane brands.

As is customary in our industry, cane is not returnable.