Magic Reed Original Oboe Reeds

Expressive Handmade Oboe Reeds. M-MH/Dense Cane. Robust- Nuanced. Intermediate To Professional.

The Magic Reed Oboe Reed brand is the cornerstone of my business, which was launched in 2007. Reeds are handmade from scratch with a custom construction and scrape. Cane drawn from my choice of Marion or Alliaud Cane inventory (whichever is working best at any point in time). My preference is for 10.5-11 diameter cane. Summertime diameters tend to be in the larger end of the range vs what I may choose to work with during winter months. This cane is generally thicker walled and dense, enabling me to achieve some of my most nuanced results. Chiarugi #2 47 mm staples are used to promote a blended tone and lovely focus. Reeds feature my signature American long scrape with a construction that is designed for a more robust/meaty response with a medium aperture size. They with a great capacity for tonal complexity and musical expression. Stronger embouchures and support systems are recommended to fully take advantage of their extra structure. 

English horn reeds are included in this group. They are enjoyed by elite professionals and their students for their warmth and expression. They help players sound their best in both practice and concert.

Players seeking reeds with a 46 mm staple can find the option under Custom Oboe Reeds.