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Top Quality Oboe Cane- Trusted For Best Reed Making Outcomes

My oboe cane collection has been curated since 2017 through a search, test, invest strategy. This approach has resulted in an extraordinary long term inventory from four growers-each purchased in a narrow window of time when they were at their best. 

My boutique platform has certain advantages over high volume sellers.  I am primarily a professional oboe reed maker. I only buy cane that I enjoy using myself and can achieve exceptional results without a lot of fuss. My collection has unique capabilities to achieve the results I seek across models, grades and New York seasons. Ongoing strategic purchases have given me freedom to allocate a portion of my inventory for sale to the oboe community.

A curation strategy is more important than ever because climate changes have adversely affected cane quality (which was already variable by georgraphy) . I don't believe in pre-orders or having an expansive product line for this reason. I don't sell cane I cannot endorse and use myself because we all need a fighting chance of making a great reed.  My loyalists include a select group of professionals and other discerning players who prefer the advantages of this model.

Cane is available in tube, segment, gouged and shaped processing levels. All are hand sorted & precision processed in-house for optimum outcomes.  I offer  medium to hard options in mostly 10.5-11 diameters. Cane thickness/density is transparent. Extra in-house aging by design, because great cane gets even better over time. Tube cane is sold in moderation now, but I encourage buyers to check back because I add to those offers on a periodic basis, and it sells out quickly. Professionals are welcome to contact me directly to discuss urgent cane needs, and I will help whenever possible.  I make shopping easier by presenting offers by both processing level and brand.