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Avignon Oboe Reeds

Best Oboe Reeds For Players Seeking A Beautiful And More Focused Tone.

Avignon Oboe Reeds are designed for players seeking a warm, beautiful reed with a focused sound.  They are made with exquisite cane from the Avignon region of France. Cane is medium to medium hard in strength, with thick walls and high density. Reeds sound great and have a distinctive tone color and response within my product line.  Available in Custom, Professional and Intermediate models.

Construction/Scrape Details: 

  • I draw from the best cane from my inventory and process it with precision for optimum results. Cane is sorted for quality, conformation, diameter, strength and density and then matched with my objectives.
  • Medium range shape (currently  Mack ++). Additional shapes available for custom models.
  • Mounted on a professional Chiarugi 47 mm staple with a natural cork and brass core. I draw from #2 and #2+ as needed to manage aperture size.
  • Tie length is 73 mm. Cane is offset from the staple median by a couple of degrees to create extra torque in the tie.
  • Mack ++ Shape
  • Professional Reeds receive up to 3 scrape/drying cycles, as needed.  Intermediate reeds receive up to 2 drying cycles as needed.  
  • Reeds are finished with a defined heart and tip. The heart is @.40 mm in thickness along the sides of the spine. The rest of the scrape depends on what is needed in pursuit of the four pillars described above.  Finished length target is 70mm. It is never longer, and sometimes 69.5 to address pitch issues.
  • No two reeds are ever exactly the same, and in multiple reed orders one will always be best.  
  • Tested in two rooms with and without carpet on a Loree 125 oboe. Reed prep instructions are included. When I test reeds, I try to replicate the embouchure of the player I expect to purchase it, not my own. If it is not a fit, I start over.

Available in Custom, Professional and Intermediate Models.