Best Oboe Reed Brands: 2003-2004

  • by Kathy Sheinhouse


#1 Magic Reed Professional Oboe Reeds

Handmade from scratch-Beefy, full bodied reeds with a dark, complex tone. Their beef gives players more to blow against- essential for playing oboe at a professional level. Three professional models.

#2 Moon River Professional Oboe Reeds

Handmade from scratch-premium cane with higher densities - M-MH strength range. These are sophisticated reeds with tonal complexity and focus. Four professional models.

#3 First Chair Student To Pro Oboe Reeds

Best oboe reeds for any weather condition. Handmade from scratch with signature construction. Warm, free blowing reeds with moderate apertures (reed opening). 

#4 Reed Monkey Student To Pro Oboe Reeds

Handmade from scratch with hybrid scrape promoting warmth, extra structural consistency and extra tip definition.  Choice of natural cork or easy glide staple. These are great reeds that benefit from streamlined construction.

#5 Grasshopper Beginner Oboe Reeds

Great starter reeds for the aspiring oboist. Sound better while learning the ABC's of music and the mechanics of playing.

Dedicated To Your Extraordinary Musical Life!



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