Benefits Of Incremental Oboe Reed Making

  INTRODUCTION Oboe reed making can be both a significant challenge and a source of great satisfaction- often. But, it can be filled with tr...

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Oboe Cane Selection For Best Oboe Reed Making Results

​​Learn about my take on cane sorting and selection techniques to get a better oboe reed making result.

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How To Process Tube Cane- Part 1

  This post addresses stage 1 oboe tube cane processing (tube to cut-to-length). 1) Inspect your tube cane. Take note of its length, general straig...

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How To Gouge Oboe Cane For Best Oboe Reed Outcomes

Techniques Of Oboe Cane Gouging: This post assumes you started with oboe tube cane, and completed processing to the pre-gouged level.  This post o...

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How To Process Oboe Tube Cane -Part 2 Video

Learn oboe cane processing techniques for oboe tube cane to ensure the best yield of quality cane and best oboe reed making outcomes. Video learning piece.   Read more

Oboe Cane Is A Weed!

Lesson One: What is oboe cane? Where does it come from? How is it used to make oboe reeds? Oboe Cane, this variety called Arundo Donax, is an agri...

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