Introducing Discount Oboe Reed Brands From Magic Reed.

  • by Kathy Sheinhouse


Introducing First Chair and Reed Monkey budget oboe reeds for students through advanced players. Magic Reed was formed in 2007, and is nationally recognized for its best in category handmade oboe reeds. They are professional quality, beefy in nature and made with harder cane which makes the process more labor intensive. They are also premium priced in the market. Reed Monkey and First Chair Oboe Reeds are made from scratch just like our premium Magic Reed models. Cane is drawn from the same great cane batches in the medium strength. We use a high quality natural cork or synthetic staple, and impart the same American scrape using our expert reed making skills. The difference is in the middle third of the scraping process. We use our choice of a short or long moderate profile that reduces the thickness while retaining plenty of room for expert hand finishing. We get great results, and are able to offer our reeds to a great range of players, including those on a budget. 

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