Introducing Professional Bassoon Reeds & Cane

All About Our Bassoon Reeds & Cane Line

Our friends in the professional bassoon community have been eager to obtain the same cane we offer that is coveted within the oboe community.  It is only natural to extend this service to our double reed brothers and sisters.  We decided to couple this with some best in class handmade professional bassoon reeds produced by graduates of elite conservatories.  We look for a structure that is preferred by the American bassoonists as well as a point of view.  We intend to build this category organically, and will add more reed makers commensurate with demand.

Bassoon Reeds

Best Bassoon Reeds

Handmade Bassoon Reeds

Our bassoon reeds are made by a professional bassoonist and Eastman School Of Music Graduate.   All reeds are professional grade, and enjoy a scrape preferred by professionals and aspiring professionals.  They are finished to exacting standards, and have received rave reviews by those who have purchased them. 

Bassoon Cane

Profiled Bassoon Cane

Bassoon Cane- Gouged Only Or Profiled

Bassoon cane is available in gouged and gouged/shaped & profiled forms.  We offer two brands.  The Prestige brand is a wonderful medium strength, all-weather cane that has generated great results in our oboe department.  It is available in gouged and gouged/shaped and profiled forms or tube form on a pre-order basis.