About Our Oboe Reeds

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We Create A Consistently Superior Oboe Reed

Magic Reed was founded in 2007, and has been serving the oboe community with "best in class" oboe reeds to enable extraordinary performances to take place at every level.  

Our Oboe Reeds Are Made From Scratch

Making oboe reeds from scratch means that we can control the many variables that effect results. There is nothing cookie cutter about our process. We only use the best cane in the world.  Our cane processing has strict quality controls with precise measurements that match cane strength.  We draw from our cane inventories based on the flexibility of the reed we need to make.  We match cane to its performance relative to our climate.  We match aperture size to expected embouchure strength by grade, and by individual preference with the pro models.  We have an inventory of three different staples from which to choose.  Finally, we are flexible in the  degree of definition in our American scrape.  We go as far as we can, while still maintaining a stable pitch.  This is our formula for success.

Our Oboe Reeds Have A Point Of View

We tend to use somewhat harder cane than is typical for professional reed makers, and build in more beef relative to grade.  This is our preference and understand that it might not be right for everyone.  This is a more difficult reed to make for us, but we like it because harder carne that is properly processed allows for a more nuanced scrape resulting in a rich tone, stable pitch, and greater longevity.  It also gives the user the opportunity to lighten to taste if necessary.