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Magic Reed crafts performance quality handmade oboe reeds for aspiring to elite players. They are all made from scratch in my shop with no outsourcing. I have five brands of reeds to choose from, each with different attributes to meet the needs of most players. I pair each brand with specific batches of cane, with full transparency in diameter size, strength and scrape. Not only is this helpful when first time visitors evaluate options, but it promotes a consistency of experience over time for my loyalists. My oboe cane collection is curated. In 2017, I began a source/pre-test/invest strategy that resulted in one large purchase of uniquely capable cane each year. This approach has been instrumental in my success as a reed maker. I allocate a portion of each of these batches to my oboe cane category. Experienced to expert reed makers achieve terrific outcomes knowing they can make choices based on cane attributes without worrying about quality. Whether you choose to enjoy my reeds or make your own, you will find great products to promote your best playing experience.

A Flexible Approach To Professional Oboe Reed Making

Magic Reed: Premium, Dark, Expressive, Extra Beef

Avignon: Premium, Dark, Expressive, Extra Focus

First Chair: Warm, Supple, Extra Responsive

Reed Monkey: Warm, Accessible, Extra Consistent

Moon River: Warm, Expressive, Extra Dry Climate Compatibility

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Welcome To Magic Reed

By now, you have come to learn how important the quality of your oboe reed is to sounding your best and reaching your goals. It is likely that you wouldn't be working so hard to find a new oboe reed maker if your current set-up is working. I believe your oboe reed should be a friend, not a foe. It should meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go. My reeds are beefy rather than paper thin. This means that when you blow harder or differently, it will be reflected in the sound. My reeds are warm, expressive and responsive. While the holy grail of oboe reeds is elusive to even the most elite oboists, my results are consistently better than those from the commercial reed makers I have tested. I always ship at or above grade and never ask customers to wait weeks to get them. My loyalists range from aspiring students to some of the most elite performing artists. On balance, my customers learn faster, participate in more music making activities, and have a more joyful musical life. I invite you to explore all corners of my website and to place an order to experience the difference for yourself. I am here to offer any assistance you need along the way. Kathy Sheinhouse, Magic Reed Owner/ Sole Reed Maker